Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Many struggles, one movement


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In 2005 in San Antonio, Texas, a new alliance was born. Once a small core of loosely affiliated organizations committed to building local power in poor, working class communities, GGJ was transformed into a broad national alliance with a founding core of 40 local, regional and national organizations, all united by an irresistible collective vision — the vision of a world beyond empire, transformed by grassroots struggles working together for international justice, peace and well-being.

Since then, GGJ has worked hard to advance toward this vision. Today we are 65 member organizations strong, with dozens of key relationships with international social movements. GGJ is a vehicle to build bridges; we have connected more than 500 US-based grassroots organizers with international counterparts in Mexico, South America, Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean through the World Social Forum process. Drawing lessons from the World Social Forum, GGJ helped spearhead the first US Social Forum and has also played a lead role in
organizing this USSF in Detroit.

Our committee work on global well-being, global economy and migration, resistance to imperialist militarism, and political and popular education is deepening, led by frontline organizers in each field. Our movement-building work is also deepening, as we work together with new and emerging national alliances to build an agenda for working-class and poor people in this country, informed by and connected to popular movements worldwide.

In September 2011, after a national consultation process with our membership and an international consultation process with our allies like World March of Women, La Vía Campesina and others, Grassroots Global Justice members approved a framework for our work as an alliance: No War! No Warming! Build An Economy for the People and the Planet!

We see clearly the connections and critical overlap between these three issues. There is an urgent need both to defend the well-being of the planet and to challenge the war machine of the U.S.  The U.S. war machine is a primary contributor to environmental poisoning, carbon emissions and global warming; and the desire to control sources of fossil fuels and other natural resources (like food and water) for profit is one of the main factors that drives the U.S. to wage wars, in an attempt to salvage a failing U.S. economy.  Our communities have solutions to the roots of the economic crisis: we envision a People’s Economy through which we can live in harmony with the planet and in a peaceful and just global community.  All around the world, we see different symptoms of crisis, yet the 1% seem to be blind to what’s at stake.  Their response to the climate crisis is to launch more and more military operations to monopolize access to fossil fuels, food and water in a desperate effort to save their failing economic system. If they are allowed to continue as usual, the crisis will be catastrophic for the planet and the peoples of the world.  We need a global movement for justice, solidarity and equality.

Click here to read more about our No War work

Click here to read more about our No Warming work

Coming soon: More about our work to Build an Economy for the People and the Planet

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