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No War

On the No War track of our framework, GGJ took a delegation of members to the May 2012 No NATO Mobilizations in Chicago.  Click here to check out reports from our delegation to Chicago for the No NATO Mobilizations

May 18 – 21, 2012, Chicago hosted the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) summit.  NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance between white western nations to defend one another against nations they regard as threats to their economic interests, as defined by the G8. The G8 – Group of 8 – is a forum of the world’s 8 wealthiest nations.  Over half of the entire world’s wealth is represented by these countries. The G8 met at Camp David in Maryland only days before the NATO Summit in Chicago.  Initially scheduled to take place in Chicago, the sudden relocation of the G8 to Maryland can be regarded as a minor victory for the people.  We know, however that members of the ruling elite may run, but they will not be able to hide from those seeking to expose their treachery.

The impact of the decisions and actions of these bodies cripple people’s ability to provide for themselves and their families and deny their ability to govern themselves.  Both the G8 and NATO contribute to the loss of innocent lives through war, starvation, and the installation of brutal regimes throughout the Global South and North.  The social, economic and political costs are staggering – at home and abroad.

We brought GGJ members to Chicago to uplift local struggles and to connect with our local, national and international allies; have a strong and visible presence in the counter-summit and various mobilizations; highlight the cost of war at home and abroad in concrete ways; build upon the GGJ frame – No War! No Warming! Build an Economy for the People and the Planet!  More than 20 folks from the following GGJ member organizations answered the call to join GGJ in Chicago:

  1. AfroEco
  2. CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
  3. Chinese Progressive Association
  4. Community Voices Heard
  5. East Michigan Environmental Action Council
  6. Labor Community Strategy Center
  7. People Organized to Win Employment Rights

In addition, long time ally, the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, participated on the delegation.


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